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Remote interpreting in St-Mitre-les-Remparts (13) : Gregory BERGE 

Book Gregory BERGE for any interpretation or translating in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Interpreter-translator since 2010, Gregory BERGE in St-Mitre-les-Remparts (13) is performing remote interpreting and translating.

Professional and reactive, he’s qualified to take in charge of any request of remote interpreting and translating for individuals and professionals:

  • Companies and headquarters
  • Agencies
  • Advocates and experts
  • Bailiffs and notaries

Your interpreter in les Bouches du Rhône (13) helps you to settle communication’s way with foreigners and partners.

interpreter in les Bouches du Rhône (13)

What has been Gregory’s greatest success as an interpreter?

His very first mission : in Bangkok, for the United Nations. Before applying for this job, Gregory didn’t even know what “interpreting” meant.

But confident in his language skills and excited by the opportunity, he applied and got hired.

Gregory spent 5 years suffering, when he was an osteopath (his original career) but this 3 day-mission in Thailand was a love at first sight experience: colleagues were interesting and fun, clients were grateful and switching back and forth between English and French felt incredibly natural.

What has been Gregory’s greatest failure as an interpreter?

During a conference in Tunisia, one participant spoke about the Tunisian Revolution. To describe what people felt then, he wrote on a piece of paper the word “PAIN”. Since the word was written and not spoken, Gregory’s brain got confused and he interpreted the word by saying “bread” (“pain” in French). Unfortunately, the speaker was referring to the actual “pain” felt by the population.

What is Gregory’s greatest quality as an interpreter?

He loves competition and going the extra mile for his clients. That’s why he’ll always say yes to a language challenge! Do you need an interpreter right here, right now? He’s in.

It’s lunch time but you need someone? He’ll take a sip of water and step up. There is a high-pressure consecutive interpretation in 5 minutes? He’ll take the challenge.

What is Gregory’s main weakness as an interpreter?

The two areas where he needs to improve the most are his practice routine and his study of Japanese.

To interpret feels natural for Gregory and since the 100% he gives of himself satisfy 99% of clients, he tends to take his skills for granted. However, he is not proud of that behavior and must improve this in 2015.

Gregory is in love with the Japanese language. He believes a world of opportunity will open if he masters that language. In 2015, he must be devoted to studying it.

What has been Gregory’s favorite interpreting assignment so far?

Probably the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunisia. The atmosphere was incredible : tensions, manifestation, bomb threat, silent walk, burnt flags, screams, the recent revolution, slogans, the heat, messages, anger, cries for peace and freedom.

This helped Gregory feel like he was a journalist reporting live from a war zone. It gave him the impression to be useful, to be exactly where he needed to be.

What has been Gregory’s least favorite assignment so far?

Every session where the speaker doesn’t seem inspired by his own message or when the only purpose of the session seems to schedule another meeting. “When can we schedule another meeting?” is a very easy sentence to translate but for a driven person like Gregory, it can be frustrating.

Language services

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  • ENGLISH <> FRENCH transcription
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